Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Best ways to motivate high school students to complete their classes successfully with a sense of accomplishment and pride and graduate with their peers!!!!

Encourage students, let them know they can do whatever they put their minds to.  Stay focused at all times, feed the brain as much as possible which consist of reading, researching and listening.  Tell them that without an education they won't get anywhere in life.  Education is the key you must have knowledge and understanding which will prepare you for the real world.  When you do well In school pass all classes, meditate, concentrate, eliminate excess things which doesn't belong and open your ears and hear what is being said I guarantee something will be learned.  Everything that is being taught to you In school will definitely be a big help later on in life.  Now a days students are dropping out of school due to the lack of motivation and support I tell you there is nothing like a having a strong support system. You have some students that are smarter than others, some that don't catch on as fast as others, some may be strong in certain areas and need help in others.  Some students require more "one on one time" which is excellent for any student... whether it's the student and teacher or student and parent I believe It's a great solution. Students will learn alot more, I feel there should be more programs after school for the
students that way they can get that one on one time and have a better understanding. There need to be more computers in schools that way children can learn more. Parents need to get more involved with their children's education. When a child comes home  the parent should always ask how was your day? What did you learn today? Do you need help, sit down and have a discussion with the child figure out was going on in their head, cause you never know. Let them know you're there. be supportive be that rock for your child.  Suggest things your child could do to better him/herself. Tell your child to have faith and stay positive at all times regardless of how hard it may a parent things like this should always be addressed and your child needs to hear it thats exactly what will motivate them. Say to your child "be yourself don't change for noone you have a mind of your own use it don't let others influence you". Teachers pay rates are going down there not getting what they should be getting, most teachers feel like okay they don't want to pay me what I deserve so why should I care If the students learn or not.......You have few decent teachers out there that care about the students and love to teach and want them to excel, pass and graduate and also make It Into college...I've had plenty of teachers like that.  You have some teachers that could care less if  the students learn or not as long as they get a check they good. If the student see that the teacher isn't willing to teach that's going to make the student not want to learn once again "lack of motivation. Some teachers are so lazy they sit in the clasroom drinking their coffee tell the students to turn to a certain page and have them read and that's It. That's not teaching, teachers aren't breaking it down to the students they just telling them do this and do that without explaining, wrong thing to do.   It's time parents and teachers come together and figure out a plan to where students can get more involved in other educational programs there is plenty of help out here just have to find it. Colleges & universities even have programs for high school students to attend extracurricular programs and etc. 

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